The best way to see if you want to become a member of the Gear Grinders of San Antonio is to come to one of our monthly meetings and visit with us. Some of the requirements for membership are been listed below:

  1. Have an interest in cars.
  2. You must be sponsored by a club member.
  3. Attend three (3) consecutive club meetings and/or four (4) consecutive club sponsored functions.

For more information please contact any of our members and/or officers. Officer contact info is on the "Contact Us" menu at the top. Or, just stop by our monthly meetings, the location of which is posted on the "Monthly Meeting Info" tab. Please make sure you check this as our meetings are not always held in the same location due to our widespread membership.


  1. Membership Fee: $35
  2. Annual Dues: $48.00
  3. Lifetime Member Annual Dues: $24.00
  4. Dues are due and payable on or before March 31st
  5. New members dues required by second meeting
  6. Any member who has not paid their dues by March 31st will be considered inactive

You can mail your dues to:

Delton Scholwinski
8614 Summer Song Circle
Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 78105

If you cannot afford to pay your dues all at once, special payment arrangements can be made through the Treasurer.