2017 Officers

2016 Gear Grinder's Officers
2017 Officers: Left to Right - Delton Scholwinski (Treasurer), Kelly Schrimpsher (VP), Rick McDonnell (President), Denise Lund (Secretary), Jimmy Crews (Sgt. At Arms)


To communicate with a club officer through email, select the Email Officer link in the same row as their name. If you prefer a phone conversation select the appropriate member's name to get their phone number.

Officer Name Position Email Cell Phone
Rick McDonnell President Email Officer
Kelly Scrimpsher Vice President Email Officer (210) 415-2707
Denise Lund Secretary Email Officer (210) 288-1273
Delton Scholwinski Treasurer Email Officer (210) 862-3634
Jimmy Crews Sgt. At Arms Email Officer (210) 800-6771
Hank Anderson Historian Email Officer (210) 902-9539
Doug Seiler Bereavement Chairman Email Officer (210) 621-5007